Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Branch Office of Realty Company

575 Madison Avenue - Third Floor, New York, New York, 10022

Douglas Elliman Real Estate is a licensed real estate branch office in New York, New York and is in the business of real estate transactions in New York County of New York. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 10391200995 was issued to Douglas Elliman Real Estate by NYS Department of State (Division of Licensing Services). The status of license is Active and address listed on Douglas Elliman Real Estate's license document is 575 Madison Avenue - Third Floor, New York, New York, 10022. The real estate license is valid till 20 December, 2020.

Douglas Elliman Real Estate has a license type of Real Estate Branch Office which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable. The employer for Douglas Elliman Real Estate is Douglas Elliman Real Estate (real estate license no. 10991211812) which is a Real Estate Principal Office.

Realtor's Profile

NameDouglas Elliman Real Estate
CredentialsReal Estate Branch Office
Contact Address575 Madison Avenue - Third Floor, New York, New York, 10022
License Number10391200995
CountyNew York County
EmployerDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Employer License Number10991211812

License Status

Real Estate License 10391200995
License TypeReal Estate Branch Office
License StatusActive
License Expiry Date20 December, 2020

Parent Company

Douglas Elliman Real Estate (Real Estate Branch Office) is a branch office of Douglas Elliman Real Estate (A Real Estate Principal Office) at New York, NY and there are total of 16 branch offices of Douglas Elliman Real Estate. The real estate license number for Douglas Elliman Real Estate (Real Estate Principal Office) is 10991211812.
Employer NameDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Employer CredentialsReal Estate Principal Office
Employer License Number10991211812
Employer Address575 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10022
Employer CountyNew York County
No. of Branches16
No. of Employees560

Employees of Douglas Elliman Real Estate

As per our records, there are 324 real estate agents who are currently working for Douglas Elliman Real Estate (Real Estate Branch Office).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Gise CindyAssociate Broker1030120014212 May, 2022
Yair OferAssociate Broker1030120030030 June, 2022
Milkowski Claudia AAssociate Broker1030120057409 June, 2022
Steiner Lesley FAssociate Broker1030120097021 June, 2022
Altschuler Rachel BAssociate Broker1030120152729 June, 2022
Ma Jacqueline TAssociate Broker1030120163229 June, 2022
Rosenman Eric SAssociate Broker1030120196529 June, 2022
Levine Lance RAssociate Broker1030120213804 November, 2020
Farnham ZaidaAssociate Broker1030120232403 June, 2021
Cregan Uni KAssociate Broker1030120319714 December, 2020
Kantrowitz KeithAssociate Broker1030120408517 August, 2021
Mccarthy Sheila ClancyAssociate Broker1030120444823 December, 2021
Coy Michael LAssociate Broker1030120444912 April, 2021
Kanter ElaineAssociate Broker1030120474413 November, 2020
Shaffer Evan BAssociate Broker1030120490903 May, 2022
Schwadron Jared RAssociate Broker1030120493210 May, 2022
Elias ShlomoAssociate Broker1030120511115 July, 2022
Medalie RachelAssociate Broker1030120524010 August, 2022
Palazzolo SilvanaAssociate Broker1030120578710 February, 2021
Laver MargaretAssociate Broker1030120597813 April, 2021
Rocca Diane MAssociate Broker1030120601605 May, 2021
Russo Joseph SAssociate Broker1030120647517 August, 2021
Oconnor MaryAssociate Broker1030120654708 September, 2021
Alexander OrenAssociate Broker1030120671902 November, 2021
Desanti-kovary Theresa EAssociate Broker1030120746604 June, 2022
Folan Ann MarieAssociate Broker1030120777523 August, 2022
Kaufmann FlorenciaAssociate Broker1030120796722 October, 2020
Murphy Raymond IiiAssociate Broker1030120817125 December, 2020
Penson EvaAssociate Broker1030120916423 September, 2021
Walker Jason MAssociate Broker1030120989127 March, 2022
Sicari MelindaAssociate Broker1030121025123 June, 2022
Bologna PaulAssociate Broker1030121038921 July, 2022
Ortiz Luis DAssociate Broker1030121094708 December, 2020
Saltiel Scott BAssociate Broker1030121107211 January, 2021
Conti DonnaAssociate Broker1030121131409 March, 2021
Pei PhyllisAssociate Broker1030121158126 April, 2021
Adelson Mary ElizabethAssociate Broker1030121189806 July, 2021
Crivelli JewelAssociate Broker1030121234301 November, 2021
Gavzie Hal DAssociate Broker1030121283928 February, 2022
Rogol BrentAssociate Broker1030121292517 March, 2022
Lefkowitz Richard SAssociate Broker1030121307412 April, 2022
Frontera Michael EAssociate Broker1030121350711 July, 2022
Samim FatemaAssociate Broker1030121383803 October, 2020
Debellis AnthonyAssociate Broker1030121397909 November, 2020
Kalra RonitaAssociate Broker1030121427601 February, 2021
Depalo Vincent RAssociate Broker1030121448426 March, 2021
Kaaniche BilelAssociate Broker1030121535729 October, 2021
Delgado RichardAssociate Broker1030121545116 November, 2021
Von Broock GordonAssociate Broker1030121560320 December, 2021
Sassoon ArielAssociate Broker1030121584820 February, 2022
Iliasse Yassine EliasAssociate Broker1030121586825 February, 2022
Leahy Devin HAssociate Broker1030121588128 February, 2022
Kontopoulos George VAssociate Broker1030121626920 May, 2022
Caceres Miguel AAssociate Broker1030121713516 January, 2021
Lavrenovs AleksejsAssociate Broker1030121726620 February, 2021
Civale Cathleen MAssociate Broker1030121732206 March, 2021
Rau BrendaAssociate Broker1030121778617 June, 2021
Brady Thomas VAssociate Broker1030121784027 June, 2021
Batchelor Nicole AAssociate Broker1030121797407 August, 2021
Prokop Christopher JAssociate Broker1030121815424 September, 2021
Logvinsky BrianAssociate Broker1030121826222 October, 2021
Chen CindyAssociate Broker1030121839025 November, 2021
Fink AimeeAssociate Broker1030121849022 December, 2021
Kantrowitz Melissa SAssociate Broker1030121873024 February, 2022
Yoo EdwardSales Agent1040120015927 March, 2022
Hochfelder ThomasSales Agent1040120235503 June, 2022
Shaffer HeleneSales Agent1040120315012 June, 2022
Bartolucci NadiaSales Agent1040120471925 June, 2022
Macwilliam Lindsey MSales Agent1040120825617 January, 2022
Rhodes ElinaSales Agent1040120834601 September, 2022
Meshel JoyceSales Agent1040120885813 November, 2020
Alexander TalSales Agent1040121262216 June, 2021
Miolla Chris MSales Agent1040121316525 October, 2020
Tandon AnjuSales Agent1040121330414 June, 2021
Wilder AmySales Agent1040121358025 June, 2021
Ivanov GeorgeSales Agent1040121575206 October, 2021
Srugo EleonoraSales Agent1040121659608 January, 2022
Murphy Marsha BriannaSales Agent1040121828926 January, 2022
Shapiro Mary JaneSales Agent1040121955426 February, 2022
Mai Wei XinSales Agent1040122061321 April, 2022
Tomaszek RenataSales Agent1040122130223 March, 2021
Debellis BarbaraSales Agent1040122638406 December, 2020
Palydowycz SilvanaSales Agent1040122700106 January, 2021
Gabai ElanSales Agent1040122734724 January, 2021
Hill TatyanaSales Agent1040122980726 April, 2021
Watson-taffe LancelotSales Agent1040123408517 October, 2021
Roberson AdrienneSales Agent1040123558416 March, 2022
Brody EkaterinaSales Agent1040123579209 January, 2022
Glaser ErinSales Agent1040123636402 February, 2022
Isabella LisaSales Agent1040123665415 February, 2022
Kopychko YuliyaSales Agent1040123797405 April, 2022
Andrusenko JekaterinaSales Agent1040124012214 August, 2022
Pojarlieva Vessela PanayotovaSales Agent1040124035913 February, 2021
Kogut JamesSales Agent1040124138603 August, 2022
Nagar RoiSales Agent1040124170415 August, 2022
Kwong Rachel Hiu YuenSales Agent1040124246913 October, 2020
Negrin MarieSales Agent1040124267620 September, 2020
Davison JohnSales Agent1040124270421 September, 2022
Adams KaitlinSales Agent1040124343017 October, 2020
Keenan JohnSales Agent1040124377604 November, 2020
Hernandez Jason M.Sales Agent1040124728612 March, 2021
Anzaldo AndreaSales Agent1040124736915 March, 2021
Wendel ChristopherSales Agent1040124817707 April, 2021
Khan GiazSales Agent1040124834511 April, 2021
Radafshar SarahSales Agent1040125081920 June, 2021
Stochetti Mariela PaolaSales Agent1040125120602 July, 2021
Hristov MelissaSales Agent1040125334116 April, 2022
Frankel JoeySales Agent1040125422301 October, 2021
Rai SangeetaSales Agent1040125495921 October, 2021
Gustin Lisa ASales Agent1040125529629 October, 2021
Rogers-hawson RebeccaSales Agent1040125530829 October, 2021
Sobol NicoleSales Agent1040125572110 November, 2021
Frankel MargaretSales Agent1040125579512 November, 2021
Buyukdegirmenci Onur BuyukdegirmenciSales Agent1040125737922 April, 2022
Perez AlanSales Agent1040125887514 February, 2022
Tornatore MarjorieSales Agent1040125905719 May, 2021
Montalvan John AlexisSales Agent1040125960820 September, 2020
Holland LisaSales Agent1040126016519 March, 2022
Hansen Leila KristineSales Agent1040126063231 March, 2022
Desy Andrea PatriciaSales Agent1040126166024 April, 2022
Sobol Olga Olga SobolSales Agent1040126188230 April, 2022
Reed PolinaSales Agent1040126198701 May, 2022
Naufal MarionSales Agent1040126200902 May, 2022
Ooka HirokaSales Agent1040126205104 July, 2022
Madera AmparoSales Agent1040126209805 May, 2022
Soogrim RichardSales Agent1040126295522 November, 2021
Geiger Claudia RoseSales Agent1040126336909 June, 2022
Zisek Weston MSales Agent1040126396927 July, 2022
Eid-greco Roula G.Sales Agent1040126399726 June, 2022
Scivetti DanielaSales Agent1040126529705 November, 2020
Tartarashvili MamukaSales Agent1040126701503 November, 2020
Cabanas RicardoSales Agent1040126735101 October, 2020
Moore BrandonSales Agent1040126923524 November, 2020
Attard LoretaSales Agent1040126955405 December, 2020
Edelstein JustinSales Agent1040126971311 December, 2020
Jacobson JeffreySales Agent1040127039903 October, 2020
Halvey StevenSales Agent1040127162910 February, 2021
Prickett Braunstein Ana ASales Agent1040127198720 February, 2021
Wright Kevin ColinSales Agent1040127259608 March, 2021
Nunez MisaelSales Agent1040127669917 June, 2021
Zavlyanov RichardSales Agent1040127686914 August, 2021
Pak Claudia Y.Sales Agent1040127755010 July, 2021
Ritz IstvanSales Agent1040127859106 August, 2021
Kingma GeorgeSales Agent1040127939327 August, 2021
Revivo ZionSales Agent1040127987309 September, 2021
Tomanovich Darinka VeljkovaSales Agent1040128035622 September, 2021
Mele AlessandroSales Agent1040128043924 September, 2021
Trois MaurizioSales Agent1040128094708 October, 2021
Maroun RalphSales Agent1040128105312 October, 2021
Solis RosenatySales Agent1040128155626 October, 2021
Stojic NikolaSales Agent1040128231316 November, 2021
Azoulay LeahSales Agent1040128295906 December, 2021
Manfredi IndiraSales Agent1040128303908 December, 2021
Li LiSales Agent1040128434119 January, 2022
Wawrzaszek MarzenaSales Agent1040128444221 January, 2022
Chukhriy MarinaSales Agent1040128470529 January, 2022
Demichael Alba JSales Agent1040128690922 March, 2022
Krishnaiyer DoorbaSales Agent1040128826821 April, 2022
Talwar ReenaSales Agent1040128828621 April, 2022
Reider ConnorSales Agent1040128878311 June, 2022
Lowrey StacySales Agent1040129010507 June, 2022
Charlton KimSales Agent1040129221731 July, 2022
Honda SachikoSales Agent1040129316623 August, 2022
Wright LisaSales Agent1040129341031 August, 2022
Marks ErikaSales Agent1040129346931 August, 2022
Cashell Erin MSales Agent1040129390313 September, 2020
Sarway AbrahamSales Agent1040129679630 November, 2020
Carlson Jill ASales Agent1040129697228 January, 2021
Jintoorkar AnilSales Agent1040129724712 December, 2020
Stival LiviaSales Agent1040129912306 February, 2021
Cohen Maxwell CohenSales Agent1040129975423 February, 2021
Murphy IanSales Agent1040130088023 March, 2021
Rivollier SandraSales Agent1040130094224 March, 2021
Park SangmiSales Agent1040130165910 April, 2021
Deluca Andrew MSales Agent1040130223306 June, 2021
Nardizzi MatthewSales Agent1040130241730 April, 2021
Bacon Simon PSales Agent1040130414807 June, 2021
Sayed AliSales Agent1040130427411 June, 2021
Martinkaite KarolinaSales Agent1040130675115 August, 2021
Aka JonathanSales Agent1040130694420 August, 2021
Kim Lori AnnSales Agent1040130880408 October, 2021
Werthein LucilaSales Agent1040130929422 October, 2021
Rhodes JamesSales Agent1040130972502 November, 2021
Cintron AmandalysSales Agent1040131120018 December, 2021
Turchin Andrew JulesSales Agent1040131126419 December, 2021
Robles Christian FrancisSales Agent1040131285905 February, 2022
Gomez Brian KSales Agent1040131286605 February, 2022
Distaulo AnthonySales Agent1040131287406 February, 2022
Adler JillianSales Agent1040131344221 February, 2022
Mazzaferro VincentSales Agent1040131357026 February, 2022
Siciliano Ryan PaulSales Agent1040131415012 March, 2022
Kaputa MonikaSales Agent1040131438818 March, 2022
Sapozhnikova DarinaSales Agent1040131446219 March, 2022
Thompson MelissaSales Agent1040131462322 March, 2022
Rosenstein DanielSales Agent1040131475227 March, 2022
Silva Daniella CarolinaSales Agent1040131486129 March, 2022
Gambino Christine FrancesSales Agent1040131547215 April, 2022
Milgram Benjamin MosheSales Agent1040131619001 May, 2022
Neacsu Elena SimonaSales Agent1040131790413 June, 2022
Kurz Alexander RichardSales Agent1040131820220 June, 2022
Pletnev MaxSales Agent1040131820320 June, 2022
May Alex BrandonSales Agent1040131827224 June, 2022
Novogrodsky TamarSales Agent1040131865121 August, 2022
Zaharia AndreiSales Agent1040131879008 July, 2022
Boudreau Nasya Bat AmiSales Agent1040131928620 July, 2022
Kogan EstherSales Agent1040132300830 October, 2020
Hopwood Justin HopwoodSales Agent1040132320504 November, 2020
Rose Rachel MeriSales Agent1040132366118 November, 2020
Jones Amy CSales Agent1040132377925 November, 2020
Shehadeh NancySales Agent1040132593330 January, 2021
Villetto MatthewSales Agent1040132612404 February, 2021
Espejo-mendoza Heidy NSales Agent1040132612704 February, 2021
Hennessy LukeSales Agent1040132644512 February, 2021
Ben Baruch OmriSales Agent1040132646113 February, 2021
Straub ClintonSales Agent1040132676422 February, 2021
Kuperberg Juval JosephSales Agent1040132746812 March, 2021
Cavanaugh ColinSales Agent1040132798724 March, 2021
Rotondaro AnthonySales Agent1040132798824 March, 2021
Schwab AlexandraSales Agent1040132818028 March, 2021
Salehi AriaSales Agent1040132826631 March, 2021
Freedman JaredSales Agent1040132842103 April, 2021
Caggiano VictoriaSales Agent1040132863908 April, 2021
Goldfarb SaraSales Agent1040132886411 April, 2021
Ragaglini FlaviaSales Agent1040132973605 May, 2021
Mogavero WhitneySales Agent1040133077930 May, 2021
Mchargue JackSales Agent1040133101305 June, 2021
Nasso Marco AlfredoSales Agent1040133203001 July, 2021
Thomas ElethiaSales Agent1040133265222 July, 2021
Aichinger Cathrine AlessaSales Agent1040133391526 August, 2021
Gvozdeva AnnaSales Agent1040133454110 September, 2021
Sinopoli VincenzoSales Agent1040133483018 September, 2021
Gagliano MagdaSales Agent1040133495023 September, 2021
Romita DanaSales Agent1040133506025 September, 2021
Bos Taylor Warren RobertSales Agent1040133535003 October, 2021
Younes JibrilSales Agent1040133601323 October, 2021
Hilario EthelSales Agent1040133620629 October, 2021
Nikitchyna AnastasiiaSales Agent1040133632401 November, 2021
Thomas EvelynSales Agent1040133753309 December, 2021
Garcia Tyler VSales Agent1040133761911 December, 2021
Boland Jaime BolandSales Agent1040133802127 December, 2021
Rainford Alyssa CorinSales Agent1040133815102 January, 2022
Johnson JustinSales Agent1040133941905 February, 2022
Dweck Cookie Frieda-cheraSales Agent1040133993619 February, 2022
Tiourenkov IvanSales Agent1040134001420 February, 2022
Jablonski Josneiry AdelinaSales Agent1040134066509 March, 2022
Geeraerts Zachary TheodoreSales Agent1040134164022 June, 2022
Adams BrianAssociate Broker30AD066319121 July, 2021
Mindreau CocoAssociate Broker30AG101573727 November, 2020
Berger Heidi AAssociate Broker30BE054019419 July, 2022
Brooks Sydney JAssociate Broker30BR100792127 September, 2020
Carroll Llewelyn JoanAssociate Broker30CA092688328 April, 2021
Dubin David BAssociate Broker30DU100071704 April, 2021
Edelstein MarkAssociate Broker30ED097918820 March, 2021
Fenton ArthurAssociate Broker30FE073995008 February, 2022
Fitzgerald June AAssociate Broker30FI098731827 September, 2020
Greenblatt YuvalAssociate Broker30GR076637027 December, 2020
Hattori SetsukoAssociate Broker30HA082052202 May, 2021
Katzen Frances WAssociate Broker30KA101895108 February, 2021
Kerby James MAssociate Broker30KE094684127 May, 2021
Kitzman Gregory WAssociate Broker30KI095085713 August, 2021
Kurtz Pamela JAssociate Broker30KU084848617 December, 2021
Kuhar Robert MAssociate Broker30KU091865602 October, 2021
Landhauser WilliamAssociate Broker30LA090299919 June, 2022
Levy Patricia DAssociate Broker30LE101022327 September, 2020
Levin ZacharyAssociate Broker30LE110714526 March, 2022
Alvarez Lo Zita VAssociate Broker30LO097877326 July, 2022
Matiz Laura DAssociate Broker30MA073679118 August, 2022
Manigat Levin Sheilla CAssociate Broker30MA089215401 May, 2022
Meissner Heather AAssociate Broker30ME100204703 October, 2021
Ovanes OnikAssociate Broker30OV077243024 March, 2021
Perez Raul AAssociate Broker30PE101649024 September, 2020
Penner Jason KAssociate Broker30PE113707725 March, 2022
Raida Deanna AAssociate Broker30RA094690119 January, 2022
Rivera Carmen RachelAssociate Broker30RI044357710 September, 2021
Rothman Adam DAssociate Broker30RO080755629 January, 2022
Rubinstein SergioAssociate Broker30RU092805415 March, 2022
Shapiro Jane CAssociate Broker30SH044632007 October, 2022
Shemesh TamirAssociate Broker30SH085380927 July, 2022
Shadian TamirAssociate Broker30SH086746607 May, 2021
Slan Elissa HAssociate Broker30SL082626713 August, 2021
Stanica Simona MAssociate Broker30ST100404721 February, 2022
Tames Jason HAssociate Broker30TA088885213 May, 2022
Traina ChristineAssociate Broker30TR101908501 June, 2022
Vance PatriciaAssociate Broker30VA090085309 January, 2022
Weiss David LAssociate Broker30WE092806931 March, 2021
Wong Lisa DAssociate Broker30WO084005528 March, 2022
Wuest Teresa SolomonAssociate Broker30WU079744528 February, 2021
Altidor Owen LSales Agent40AL104975205 January, 2021
Arbel DorySales Agent40AR101935407 April, 2022
Aspis Sharon FSales Agent40AS097956625 March, 2021
Badour MichelleSales Agent40BA102836325 February, 2021
Beaumont JamesSales Agent40BE111726609 August, 2022
Bramli Golan GSales Agent40BR090356005 May, 2022
Breygina LanaSales Agent40BR112151519 July, 2022
Burval PeterSales Agent40BU100691307 August, 2022
Reeves Julianne MSales Agent40DI116230625 June, 2022
Dubin Elyse ISales Agent40DU101721909 March, 2022
Eisenbrown Michael JSales Agent40EI108786918 January, 2022
Feiwel Andrew MSales Agent40FE118057411 March, 2022
Frank SteveSales Agent40FR078585517 June, 2021
Gitter BarbaraSales Agent40GI065321001 April, 2021
Hasapoglou AnnaSales Agent40HA104651616 January, 2021
Hart Joseph LSales Agent40HA108768526 September, 2021
Homlish Tanner MSales Agent40HO095731121 February, 2022
Kim Yu SookSales Agent40KI110200801 February, 2022
Cohen Melissa ASales Agent40KL099245615 July, 2021
Koch Pitlake KathySales Agent40KO095580907 September, 2021
Lavie TzilaSales Agent40LA082088508 September, 2021
Lehan Patricia ASales Agent40LE097714827 September, 2020
Lopez Maria ESales Agent40LO088596630 March, 2021
Lowther Meghan ASales Agent40LO105284605 April, 2021
Micheo Diego JSales Agent40MI098946909 September, 2021
Mittal DeeptiSales Agent40MI116737202 October, 2021
Mongiovi AntonioSales Agent40MO089466209 February, 2021
Pelin Amedeo BSales Agent40PE116669413 September, 2021
Ripert SandraSales Agent40RI093077909 June, 2021
Sands Michael DSales Agent40SA083407031 January, 2021
Saacks Grant SSales Agent40SA090365223 January, 2022
Gochman Bettina TSales Agent40SC098342421 April, 2021
Seth SoniaSales Agent40SE111680002 June, 2022
Silva Lisa RSales Agent40SI096485519 January, 2022
Smith Bruce NSales Agent40SM112672612 September, 2020
Tepper Roberta VSales Agent40TE093595823 August, 2021
Villaruel Rowena YSales Agent40VI095433804 August, 2022

Address Location for Douglas Elliman Real Estate
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