Century 21 Alliance Realty Group

Real Estate Corporation

1136 Rt 9, Wappingers Falls, New York, 12590

Century 21 Alliance Realty Group is a licensed real estate principal office in Wappingers Falls, New York and is in the business of real estate transactions in Dutchess County of New York. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 109919530 was issued to Century 21 Alliance Realty Group by NYS Department of State (Division of Licensing Services). The status of license is Active and address listed on Century 21 Alliance Realty Group's license document is 1136 Rt 9, Wappingers Falls, New York, 12590.

Century 21 Alliance Realty Group has a license type of Real Estate Principal Office which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameCentury 21 Alliance Realty Group
CredentialsReal Estate Principal Office
Contact Address1136 Rt 9, Wappingers Falls, New York, 12590
License Number109919530
CountyDutchess County

License Status

Real Estate License 109919530
License TypeReal Estate Principal Office
License StatusActive

Employees of Century 21 Alliance Realty Group

As per our records, there are 183 real estate agents who are currently working for Century 21 Alliance Realty Group (Real Estate Principal Office).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Kulik Joseph EAssociate Broker1030120001414 April, 2020
Campbell Kelly AAssociate Broker1030120022121 May, 2020
Monaco Lisa JeanAssociate Broker1030120024822 May, 2020
Degelormo Anthony JAssociate Broker1030120032901 June, 2020
Arnfield Alan JrAssociate Broker1030120117326 June, 2020
Carter Barbara AAssociate Broker1030120130929 June, 2020
Rondinelli Bruna FAssociate Broker1030120220130 July, 2020
Necaise Barbara ErbigAssociate Broker1030120252815 September, 2020
Kostewich CharlotteAssociate Broker1030120263925 February, 2021
Gantt Jason SAssociate Broker1030120337216 May, 2021
Pedota JoeAssociate Broker1030120356612 April, 2021
Cassell Alan CAssociate Broker1030120400722 July, 2021
Phillips Justin DAssociate Broker1030120726015 April, 2020
Chappas Patricia AAssociate Broker1030120801406 November, 2020
Pulvirenti MaryannAssociate Broker1030120953230 December, 2019
Germano IreneAssociate Broker1030120970211 February, 2020
Atkinson Trent R.Associate Broker1030121004329 April, 2020
Borell Theresa AAssociate Broker1030121032309 September, 2020
Sutherland AnitaAssociate Broker1030121078330 October, 2020
Venables Andre JAssociate Broker1030121151915 April, 2021
Grieco Robert JAssociate Broker1030121250708 April, 2021
Martorana DominickAssociate Broker1030121254215 December, 2019
Capers Ellison MAssociate Broker1030121341220 June, 2020
Balassone Daniel FAssociate Broker1030121525127 September, 2021
Zaman AmitAssociate Broker1030121573629 January, 2020
Demarco JohnAssociate Broker1030121645108 July, 2020
Croniser Raymond A JrAssociate Broker1030121656002 August, 2020
Quintana Leigh MaryAssociate Broker1030121722707 February, 2021
Cantor Frederic MAssociate Broker1030121731605 March, 2021
Pena BarbaraSales Agent1040120061018 May, 2020
Torquato LisaSales Agent1040120484226 June, 2020
Hritz-seifts Nancy EllenSales Agent1040120516531 January, 2021
Casale Catherine AnnSales Agent1040120606429 June, 2020
May Keith RSales Agent1040120800006 August, 2021
Taylor Trussie WSales Agent1040120901020 November, 2020
Campos RaulSales Agent1040121432128 July, 2021
Pomarico Kelly E.Sales Agent1040121677917 November, 2019
Leenig MarissaSales Agent1040123049820 May, 2021
Chambliss StanleySales Agent1040123287723 August, 2021
Bombace JoySales Agent1040123623027 January, 2020
Bersak DavidSales Agent1040123947230 May, 2020
Green MarkSales Agent1040124669402 August, 2021
Rubirosa NatashaSales Agent1040125247411 August, 2021
Moore Wendy JuanitaSales Agent1040125293325 March, 2020
Lue De Grof Elizabeth ASales Agent1040125536730 October, 2019
De Maria Angelo MichaelSales Agent1040125629210 December, 2020
Gjevukaj VjollcaSales Agent1040125783616 January, 2020
Jackson RaySales Agent1040126032424 March, 2020
Lowe Corey DSales Agent1040126432820 January, 2021
Vervaet MaryanneSales Agent1040126730730 August, 2020
Tricinelli Robyn NSales Agent1040126986515 January, 2021
Carter Gary RSales Agent1040126998118 December, 2020
Rigaglia AdriannaSales Agent1040127016529 December, 2020
Campilii Rudolph A JrSales Agent1040127192519 February, 2021
Sgobbo Lisa MSales Agent1040127405012 April, 2021
Thorne MargaretSales Agent1040127703018 August, 2021
Schwarz HeatherSales Agent1040127852205 August, 2021
Cipollaro Nancy ReneeSales Agent1040127855705 August, 2021
Lacertosa LauraSales Agent1040128389207 January, 2020
Lasota-lopez DorotaSales Agent1040128450624 January, 2020
Caballero Stephanie SimonettiSales Agent1040128567623 February, 2020
Keuleman Kristin BSales Agent1040128575124 February, 2020
Damico JoanneSales Agent1040129027510 June, 2020
Riccoboni LynneSales Agent1040129102329 June, 2020
Penta Carol LynneSales Agent1040129111601 July, 2020
Natonio Catherine FSales Agent1040129121105 July, 2020
Cozza Angelina DSales Agent1040129197624 July, 2020
Shrestha UmeshSales Agent1040129649905 April, 2021
Maxwell RogerSales Agent1040129654221 November, 2020
Galustyan ArturSales Agent1040129691830 January, 2021
Hajiani Salima SSales Agent1040129707006 December, 2020
Cuchelo Mark FSales Agent1040129744019 December, 2020
Lange StephanieSales Agent1040129774829 December, 2020
Weeks Carlajo RSales Agent1040129805808 January, 2021
Ferris Daniel JamesSales Agent1040130313717 May, 2021
Jackson-gibbs CrystalSales Agent1040130448515 June, 2021
Bennett Richard GSales Agent1040130483423 June, 2021
Fredrickson ConstanceSales Agent1040130538509 July, 2021
Chappas JamesSales Agent1040130545110 July, 2021
Khan Mir Iftikhar ASales Agent1040130900213 October, 2019
Gonzalez JuliusSales Agent1040131110614 December, 2019
Dinio StarrSales Agent1040131114014 December, 2019
Dinio RemigioSales Agent1040131114114 December, 2019
Stewart James SSales Agent1040131118017 December, 2019
Williams ChristinaSales Agent1040131154230 December, 2019
Baudouine SheriSales Agent1040131231922 January, 2020
Snowden MelissaSales Agent1040131269931 January, 2020
Lepore Graziano DomenicoSales Agent1040131304410 February, 2020
Meibauer RobertSales Agent1040131432115 March, 2020
Perez LuisSales Agent1040131483028 March, 2020
Sinon PaigeSales Agent1040131597626 April, 2020
Keebler TraceySales Agent1040131597726 April, 2020
Corrado Marc ZSales Agent1040131752204 June, 2020
Martin ThomasSales Agent1040131752304 June, 2020
Renninger CarlSales Agent1040131785412 June, 2020
Paik Joon GyuSales Agent1040131877806 July, 2020
Burke BrookeSales Agent1040131924919 July, 2020
Acevedo-georges MyrnaSales Agent1040132075029 August, 2020
Lively DanielSales Agent1040132328606 November, 2020
Whitson EvanSales Agent1040132405802 December, 2020
Matus PatriciaSales Agent1040132436311 December, 2020
Meliti TahliaSales Agent1040132490102 January, 2021
Romano Anthony RichardSales Agent1040132562421 January, 2021
Hajiani NawazSales Agent1040132601201 February, 2021
Citera GaetanoSales Agent1040132799924 March, 2021
Scheurich DanielSales Agent1040132897415 April, 2021
Mekeel Jay SSales Agent1040132976705 May, 2021
Sroka AnnaSales Agent1040133027916 May, 2021
Scism AndersSales Agent1040133100905 June, 2021
Walker NicoleSales Agent1040133116310 June, 2021
Marriott Charlotte VictoriaSales Agent1040133244316 July, 2021
Merlino Carol MarieSales Agent1040133251417 July, 2021
Ball Debra SAssociate Broker30BA094705022 March, 2021
Berry Colin PAssociate Broker30BE084533608 September, 2021
Brown Lisa TonelliAssociate Broker30BR048673314 July, 2021
Castaldi AntoinetteAssociate Broker30CA035280606 October, 2021
Colandrea MichaelAssociate Broker30CO074510212 September, 2020
Cozza HildaAssociate Broker30CO081823028 January, 2021
Kobylack Alice BAssociate Broker30KO072631711 January, 2020
Kowalchuk Thomas JAssociate Broker30KO087708815 March, 2020
Kunkel Lisa GAssociate Broker30KU102503816 March, 2021
Labarbera Tamara JAssociate Broker30LA079698326 February, 2021
Martinelli Nancy AAssociate Broker30MA066931705 April, 2020
Morano Kathryn JAssociate Broker30MO109112726 February, 2020
Nicolosi Sandra DAssociate Broker30NI060249009 July, 2021
Novak Barbara JAssociate Broker30NO100528424 March, 2020
Nufer Carolyn RAssociate Broker30NU086645405 March, 2020
Petfield Toni LAssociate Broker30PE057343606 December, 2019
Pettinella Melissa AAssociate Broker30PE087262819 March, 2020
Pogge W RenateAssociate Broker30PO052087630 April, 2020
Quinn Thomas JAssociate Broker30QU081169917 August, 2021
Revson ReneeAssociate Broker30RE093041506 August, 2021
Robinson Cynthia AAssociate Broker30RO096527912 December, 2019
Rundle Richard A IiiAssociate Broker30RU113296929 November, 2019
Scanga GiulianaAssociate Broker30SC064425821 January, 2020
Valentino Carl RAssociate Broker30VA011369925 May, 2021
Valentine Melinda AAssociate Broker30VA090699424 September, 2019
Wright Helene MAssociate Broker30WR048263526 November, 2020
Zenz Dennis AAssociate Broker30ZE079865027 October, 2019
Pettinella Joseph ACorporate Broker31PE087953718 August, 2020
Odegaard Irene RoslynSales Agent40AC101540331 January, 2020
Ackerly Grant PSales Agent40AC106164709 February, 2020
Ashbrook Douglas ESales Agent40AS117315911 December, 2019
Bilenky ZuzanaSales Agent40BI098872517 June, 2021
Burns Rose MSales Agent40BU116200806 August, 2021
Carter VerleanSales Agent40CA095552408 July, 2020
Metzger Janine MSales Agent40CA109521422 March, 2020
Centrone Andrew JSales Agent40CE115903215 May, 2020
Lombardo Joy MSales Agent40CL116517409 September, 2021
Conklin Kim ASales Agent40CO112922311 October, 2020
Cruz Rivera Nereida MSales Agent40CR095488825 June, 2020
Ditrocchio Barbara ASales Agent40DI106043510 May, 2020
Dunlap Vigorita Anne MarieSales Agent40DU076797612 June, 2021
Ferguson Hlavaty Lori JSales Agent40FE115239228 May, 2021
Goodnow Jennifer ESales Agent40GO088868121 March, 2021
Hall Amina RSales Agent40HA088702827 March, 2021
Hayes Virginia CSales Agent40HA103613808 August, 2021
Sucich-jiava Lori ASales Agent40JI105502617 February, 2021
Kazes BarbaraSales Agent40KA072820115 November, 2020
Kerr Valerie ASales Agent40KE108717103 May, 2021
Kharchenko IgorSales Agent40KH095474502 October, 2019
Kozak Anne LSales Agent40KO059956909 December, 2020
Mcveigh LisaSales Agent40MC087472219 July, 2020
Mcgloin Arnfield JennySales Agent40MC114367216 February, 2021
Michael Susan LSales Agent40MI115597621 March, 2020
Parekh Prafull MSales Agent40PA093757409 October, 2019
Pritchard Bertus ESales Agent40PR100813328 March, 2020
Rabenda Raymond MSales Agent40RA116228917 August, 2021
Rice Tricia MSales Agent40RI095173931 March, 2020
Ricci RosalieSales Agent40RI097239806 January, 2021
Romanelli Stacie ASales Agent40RO099748814 October, 2019
Ryu Candice ASales Agent40RY093042605 June, 2021
Salvador AlmudenaSales Agent40SA111413116 May, 2020
Schultz Mary AnnSales Agent40SC090511506 January, 2020
Schebilski Edward ESales Agent40SC093634326 January, 2020
Scianna Shawn MSales Agent40SC111497231 May, 2020
Simpson AnnSales Agent40SI087718407 May, 2021
Stephenson Ruby ESales Agent40ST083575908 July, 2021
Stewart Diane ESales Agent40ST107734012 July, 2021
Thomas Elaine MSales Agent40TH097157602 January, 2021
Utter William RSales Agent40UT082399212 December, 2020
Vann Tijuana KSales Agent40VA115239419 April, 2021
Vignogna Aaron RSales Agent40VI101742119 March, 2021

Branch offices of Century 21 Alliance Realty Group

As per our records, there are 6 branch office/s of Century 21 Alliance Realty Group (Real Estate Principal Office) at different locations as mentioned below.
Employee NameLocationLicense NumberNo. of Employees
Century 21 Alliance Realty Group476 Lauer Road, Poughkeepsie1039120067016
Century 21 Alliance Realty Group100 Stony Brook Ct., Newburgh103912009410
Century 21 Alliance Realty Group203 Main Street, New Paltz1039120142018
Century 21 Alliance Realty Group1311-1313 Route 9w, Marlboro103912021400
Century 21 Alliance Realty Group23c East Market St, Rhinebeck1039120238810
Century 21 Alliance Realty Group2016 Ulster Ave, Lake Katrina103912024240

Address Location for Century 21 Alliance Realty Group
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