Educational Requirements for Real Estate Associate in Florida

Who can become a real estate sales associate in Florida?

Anyone can become a real estate sales associate in Florida, the following are the basic requirements:

  • Be least 18 years of age.
  • Hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Have the licensure application approved. (Check your real estate license application status by providing the necessary details.)
  • Finish the 63 hour pre-licensing course.
  • Pass the state examination.

Educational requirements overview:

  • Basic educational requirement: High school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED)
  • Prelicense: 63-hour Florida Pre-licensing course based on FREC I syllabus.
  • Post license: Two 30-hour Post licensing courses, Real Estate Brokerage Management and Real Estate Investment
  • Continuing education: 14 hours of approved Continuing Education courses and end of course exams which is common for both sales associate and a broker.

Read more about the general requirements here.

Pre-licensing course:

The state of Florida has a mandatory 63-hour pre-licensing course requirement that covers 19 sessions. The course modules are listed below for you:

  1. Course Overview: The Real Estate Business
  2. Real Estate License Law And Qualifications For Licensure
  3. Real Estate License Law And Commission Rules
  4. Authorized Relationships, Duties And Disclosure
  5. Real Estate Brokerage Activities And Procedures
  6. Violations Of License Law, Penalties And Procedures
  7. Federal And State Laws Pertaining To Real Estate
  8. Property Rights: Estates And Tenancies; Condominiums, Cooperatives, Community Development Districts, Homeowner Associations, And Time-Sharing
  9. Title, Deeds And Ownership Restrictions
  10. Legal Descriptions
  11. Real Estate Contracts
  12. Residential Mortgages
  13. Types Of Mortgages And Sources Of Financing
  14. Real Estate Related Computations And Closing Of Transactions
  15. The Real Estate Markets And Analysis
  16. Real Estate Appraisal
  17. Real Estate Investments And Business Opportunity Brokerage
  18. Taxes Affecting Real Estate
  19. Planning And Zoning

Read more about the sales associate pre-licensing course syllabus and its summary.

Pre-licensing exemptions:

Attorneys and candidates who hold four year degree or higher in real estate are exempt from pre-licensing education.

Florida State Examination:

The Florida state sales associate licensing exam is a 100 question multiple choice test and a score of 75% or above is necessary for passing the test. The candidates who failed may retake the test as many times as necessary by applying for the exam and paying the test fee.

Post licensing education:

  1. Legal Issues and Risk Management
  2. Fair Housing and the Americans with Disabilities Act
  3. Business Planning and Time Management
  4. Prospecting for Listings
  5. Pricing the Property to Sell
  6. Making the Listing Presentation
  7. Listing Contracts
  8. Working with Buyers
  9. Sales and Option Contracts
  10. Writing and Presenting the Offer
  11. Exploring Mortgage Alternatives
  12. Acquiring Financing for the Property
  13. Closing Real Estate Transactions
  14. Analyzing and Managing Investment Property

Post licensing exemption:

Candidates who hold a four year degree in real estate or higher are exempt from post licensing education, while attorneys are not exempt from it.

Course exam:

The final post licensing exam is a three hour test with consisting of 100 multiple choice questions. The candidate needs to score 75% or higher to pass the test.

Additional attempt:

Candidates who do not pass the end of the course exam can retake the test one more time within one year of the date of the first attempt. If the candidate still does not qualify the test, he/she must attend the full course again and retake the test with a passing score before the renewal deadline.

Continuing education:

The candidates are required to complete 14 hours of continuing education every two year license period after. The continuing education includes:

  • 3 hours of Florida Core Law (mandatory)
  • 3 hours of Real Estate and Business Ethics (mandatory)
  • 8 hours of Speciality Credit (electives)


The final exam score should be 80% or more for the candidate to qualify, failing which the licensee must re-enroll and retake the entire course and the exam following it.