How to become a Real Estate Sales Associate in Florida

Who is a real estate sales associate?

A real estate sales associate is a person who helps the clients in selling or buying a house. Real estate associates provide guidance to the clients in negotiating the deals. They also provide an outlook of the legal agreements that follow the deal. The role of a real estate sales associate is very similar to that of a real estate broker but the sales associates have to administer under a licensed broker or developer on an assignable transactional basis. Read more about the duties of a sales associate.

Who can apply for a real estate associate license?

There are no prerequisites to become a sales associate in Florida, apart from having to meet the general criteria set by the state. The candidates who wish to become sales associates in Florida can do so by two types of license applications, depending on whether or not they are residents of the state at that time. Read more about the sales associate application here.

What are the general requirements to become a real estate sales associate in Florida?

Mentioned below are the general requirements to become a real estate sales associate in Florida:

  • Age and Citizenship: The applicant should be 18 years of age or above in order to obtain a real estate sales associate license in Florida. They must also possess a United States Social Security number.
  • Education: The applicants should have a minimum educational qualification of a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Pre-licensing education: The applicants have to complete 63 hours of pre-licensing course┬áprescribed by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) from a recognized school or provider, the course covers all the topics that a real estate sales associate needs to know. Read more about the education of a real estate sales associate.
  • Exam: The applicants should clear the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Examination with a grade of 75 points or above. Applicants who have cleared the Florida Real Estate Law Exam with a grade of 30 points and above are also eligible to become a real estate sales associate in Florida.
  • Post-licensing education: Prior to the expiration of the initial sales associate license, the applicants have to finish a 45 hour licensing course approved by the FREC.
  • Fee: The examination fee for a real estate sales associate is $36.75, while the application fee is $83.75.

What is the application procedure?

  • Filling the state application: Post choosing the type of application, the candidates can apply in two ways.
    • Online: Register in the website, fill the necessary details and submit the application online.
    • Offline: Download and print the application form, fill the information and send it through mail.
  • Wait: The state takes four to six weeks to approve the applications, the necessary documents are to be provided for the approval.
  • Submit the fingerprints: The applicant has to submit the fingerprints electronically before the application gets processed. The state vendor Pearson VUE schedules the appointments for this, appointments can be made online or on call.
  • Pre-licensing education: Finish the FREC approved 63 hour pre-licensing course.
  • State examination: Pass the three hour test consisting of 100 questions by obtaining a score of 75% or higher to get an inactive license.
  • Activation of the license: Prior expiry of the license, complete the 45 hour pre-licensing course approved by FREC, and get the completion slip issued upon finishing the course. The license can be activated using the DBPR RE 11 form.